The UK Lotto is one of the most popular lottery games within the UK, the structure of the game is based around an accumulation jackpot along with fixed tier prizes. This website is dedicated to providing the Lotto results along with the Lotto Raffle Numbers. If you have purchased a ticket for the UK Lotto then you will have automatically been entered into the draw. The game has underwent several changes including the price increase of 100% with the addition of more tiers and prize adjustment.

The game is played every Wednesday and Saturday with the cost of entry at a fixed £2. The draw usually takes place exclusively online on Wednesday's and BBC One on Saturdays. The draw takes less than 2 minutes to air which means a vast majority of players will miss out on the draw, the easiest way to keep up to date with the latest results is to bookmark this website. We aim to have the results online within seconds of the numbers becoming public, please be aware the Lotto Raffle results take a little longer to populate.

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Lotto Results 19th April

Lotto Results 19th April

This evenings Lotto offers players an estimated jackpot of £4.3 million after one very lucky ticket holder scooped the full jackpot prize during the last Lotto game. As the jackpot was won during the last Lotto draw, which was held on Wednesday, the jackpot will be reduced to the minimum weekend amount along with the […]

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The UK Lotto has a jackpot which is varied, the only consistent within the game apart from the draw days, is the odds of winning. A player must successfully match a fixed amount of numbers in order to win a prize, there has been some restructuring to the game to make more ways to win, the below odds do not show the chances of winning the Lotto raffle as this would be too hard to predict on account of the amount of players changing radically.

Numbers MatchedOdds Of Winning
6 main numbers

1 in 13,983,816

5 main numbers + Bonus Ball

1 in 2,330,636

5 main numbers

1 in 55,492

4 main numbers

1 in 1,033

3 main numbers

1 in 57

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